Help Desk Support

For questions please call Natalie at (415) 228-4268 Location:
Rocklin, CAHelp Desk Support - Junior Duration:
0-6 months Job Description:
o Provide store support for stores located in US and Europe o Research, diagnose, resolve or escalate technical and procedural issues from a retail stores environment via phone call.
o Log and assign tickets as outlined in Department documentation in English.
o Communicate, in market language, to store employees in a manner that is easy to understand and non-technical.
o Efficiently probe to understand the callers issue and quickly resolve or escalate the issue o Take personal accountability to meet service desk operator key performance measurements and be punctual.
o Actively contribute to meeting the department's shared goals.
o Effectively handle multiple calls at a time when calls are queued or tickets need to be followed up on.
o Clearly document all issues according to ticket logging and problem management requirements.
o Respond quickly to all critical issues answering all emergency calls when available.
o Maintain customer service skills and focus while taking calls.
o Provide quality customer service through communication, composure, empathy, helpfulness, and flexibility.
o Remain cool under pressure and effectively handle stress, change, and uncertainty.
o Understand the business impact of issues a customer reports, have a genuine concern for their situation and act appropriately.
o Identify and report improvements by utilizing the department documentation update process.
QualificationsStrong, clear verbal skills-English, or English/French o Strong written English skills with good , French written skills preferred o Must be willing to work evenings, late nights and/or overnight shifts o Passion for customer service and resolving issues o 2 years of Service Desk or equivalent job experience.
Retail experience is a plus.
o Proven ability to troubleshoot and resolve technical and procedural issues.
o Ability to react quickly and professionally in stressful situations o Must be able to follow directions.
o Must be punctual.
o Must be driven and self-motivated.
o Capable of learning both technical and procedural components of the stores environment.
o Must be able to react quickly to change.
o Must be able to handle ambiguity and adapt to cultural differences o Ability to multitask.

Don't Be Fooled

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